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Majority of women in our country is facing discrimination from the very young age. There are relatively lesser girls than boys in secondary schools. Girls are expected to follow traditional norms and rules of patriarchal society. In the rural areas and underdeveloped areas, women are expected to do household work and discouraged from leaving home which makes it impossible for them to stand on their feet, make their own identity and contribute to their family income. In the absence of any income of their own, they are dependent on men for just about everything. If the men are unemployed as well, their situation gets even worse. Women empowerment through self-dependency and financial freedom can only be achieved by providing them with vocational training, enabling them with the capacity to either start up something of their own or take up some jobs.
The livelihood training programs and workshops offered are:
Livelihood Training Programs

  • Stitching and sewing training (6 month) to enable women to earn an income making and selling clothes.
  • Beautician training (6 month) to enable women to start businesses providing henna, skin care, and hairstyling in their communities.
  • Early childhood care and education training (3 month) for women who wish to become preschool teachers.
  • Computer training (6 month) to teach women basic computer skills which will help them find higher paying jobs.
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