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Violence against women and child abuse in India is endemic. A child goes missing every 8 minutes. A woman is raped every 34 minutes. Dowry deaths and honour killings continue unabated. Perpetrators of violence typically escape punishment. It is time to make a stand.


violence to women is considered normal and enjoys social sanction. Physical aggression, such as blows of varying intensity, burns, attempted hanging, sexual abuse and rape, psychological violence through insults, humiliation, coercion, blackmail, economic or emotional threats, and control over speech and actions. In extreme, death is the result.


Legal assistance will be provided to the victims of violence through this project so that the moral of the victims of violence will soar and they will get courage to fight against violence. Awareness programs such as Road shows, posters etc. will bring awareness in the society, so that the cases of violence may reduce in number. Women will be cautious towards their legal rights through legal awareness camp, after that they can combated torture and violence against women will be eliminated

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