Save Water

Because of the importance of water in sustaining life, the increasing demand for it as a result of global population growth, as well as the rate at which pollution and consumption is making useable water scarcer, it is more important than ever to find ways to conserve water. Conserving water not only helps all of us ensure a sustainable supply of drinking water for now, it helps ensure that our children and grandchildren will have access to the water they will need to survive.
We are working to raise awareness about this critical issue. We make significant contributions to water conservation efforts: whether by raising awareness, creating new standards for water efficiency, or making sizeable cuts to their own water use.

Our Objectives to Save Water

  • Reduce wastage of water
  • Reuse used water
  • Recharge to groundwater
  • Recycle waste water
  • Respect Water
    • 7 Causes
    • 88 Places
    • 45 Volunteers
    • 56 Donors

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