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Adopt a Tree

The problems of global warming, climate change and air pollution can be reduced through plantation by some extent. In this project, 5000 trees( Neem, papal, saal, rosewood, banyan, Fruit & flowering plants) will be cultivate and maintained regularly in different rural and urban areas of Ghaziabad district. There would be proper arrangement of water and fertilizer. People will be encouraged to adopt trees and take care of them as their children. Plantation may not be a sole remedy to reduce global warming but yes, it can be a strongest strategy among all other options.


The easiest way to make a difference to PWS India you support is to donate to their fundraiser. We provide security to your donations as they go directly to the beneficiaries without any intermediate delays. In case you want to support us that work towards the causes you strongly feel for.

Volunteer Your Time and Expertise

Sometimes lending services is all that is required to support PWS India. Volunteering your expertise and time can make the operational tasks of PWS India much easier. The services can be as simple as clerical work, picking up donations, helping to maintain their website, advertising their work on a social media platform, etc.
There is a way that every professional can help. Doctors are invaluable for health camps and blood donations, pro-bono legal services are an excellent way lawyers can be of service, even providing discounts wherever applicable can be of great help for the NGO.

Spreading the word

PWS India works with a strong principle. We have a different area of concern. Championing your favourite cause would help immensely. Spreading the word of our activities, events and govt schemes on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp would generate more participation in all our events, which in turn will create a platform perfect for raising more funds. The more vocal you are, the more the efforts of us will get highlighted to the public. Also, we suggest you to Inform people about govt schemes.

Donate food and gifts

We can do a lot more for the society if tens of thousands of people are putting their trust in PWS India to help save children and their families from hunger, poverty, illiteracy and even certain death. So another way to support Prabha Welfare Society is by donating goods, food items, clothes are all ways to support the organization. Under this project, many street & poor slum children are given Nutrition food, Gift, New Dress, Lunch/Dinner, Toys & Happiness. The Program is quite unique. For poor street & slum children all this is a dream. But it is possible with your support.

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