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Despite the enactment of Right to Education Act and several other initiatives of the Government for educating children, more than a quarter of children in Delhi, remain out of school. They may have been enrolled in government schools but hardly they turn up. The teachers do not care to even find out why the children are not coming. This is exactly where we step in. We understand the fact that how education can change someone’s life. With an aim to empower and educate children from underprivileged backgrounds we have set up two formal schools and several learning centers. Both formal schools and non-formal education centers lay stress on all-round development of children. They are given an opportunity to showcase their talents at different forums, be it dance, music, sports, drawing or arts and crafts.

Our Objectives

  • Providing free education to economically backward children.
  • To create among young children an awareness for cleanliness, personal hygiene, importance of education and earning a living through fair and honorable means, thus becoming an honorable citizen of modern India.
  • To develop personality and create positive self image among such children.
  • To pay special attention to girl child as girls are most prone to miss education among the economically and socially marginalized sections.
  • Coordinating with like minded organizations to provide free books, stationery, uniforms, school equipment, midday nutrition.
  • Organizing Basic Computer awareness program for children.
  • Creating an awareness for cleanliness and hygiene, importance of literacy and family planning amongst the children, their families and their neighborhood.
  • Providing vocational training in cutting and tailoring to the economically backward girls, and ladies ,and helping them in getting jobs in garment manufacturing units.
  • Giving a chance to the working-children to come and study with us in their off time by introducing evening classes.
  • Our Dreams to Have:

  • A bigger building, trained staff and resources so that no deserving child desiring an education from us has to be sent back.
  • A sports ground so that the students can have an all round development.
  • Hobby classes like dance, music, painting, etc.
  • Vocational courses like plumbing, mobile repair, etc.
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